North Ormesby Cemetery

First World War Graves

North Ormesby Cemetery ......... There are 25 graves from the First World War and these are listed below.

AINSLEYERNESTE1902/09/1918PrivateWest Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)C. 18/46.Y
BAGEJOHN ROBERTJ R2416/03/1918PrivateEast Yorkshire RegimentC. 14/49.Y
BENDELOWCHARLES EDWARDC E3115/03/1917Lance SerjeantYorkshire RegimentU. UU. 35.Y
CLARKENALFRED RICHARDA R4830/08/1915Lance CorporalYorkshire RegimentC. 12/47.Y
COGHLAN W 10/07/1918PrivateYorkshire Regiment14/61.Y
COLE S G2702/06/1919SapperRoyal EngineersC. I/57.Y
DENNYSON W H1925/03/1921PrivateGreen Howards (Yorkshire Regiment)21/39.Y
DOWSON J 27/01/1919Stoker 1st ClassRoyal NavyU. KK. 15.Y
FISHER H 18/11/1918SapperRoyal Engineers4/35.Y
FORD W H 20/07/1917Lance CorporalNorth Staffordshire RegimentGG. 6.Y
FRENCH J W 23/11/1918Air Mechanic 2nd ClassRoyal Air ForceC. 17/56.Y
GELDARDASQUITHA3506/06/1917PrivateYorkshire RegimentC. 8/37.Y
GISSING I R 16/06/1917PrivateRoyal Defence CorpsC. 16/57.Y
GRAHAM A E 27/10/1916Lance SerjeantYorkshire RegimentC. 2/40.Y
HOSKINSWALTERW3826/06/1918GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryC. 18163.Y
LEEHENRYH1829/09/1916PrivateDurham Light InfantryU. 4/17.Y
MARTIN E E2207/11/1918PrivateYorkshire RegimentU. 2/33.Y
OSBORNE W A2512/04/1921PrivateGreen Howards (Yorkshire Regiment)7/56.Y
READERWALTER WILLIAMW W3703/03/1919PrivateYorkshire Regiment19/38.Y
ROBINSGEORGE FREDERICKG F2130/04/1916PrivateNorthumberland FusiliersC. 15/37.Y
ROBINSON J2725/05/1917PrivateYorkshire Regiment16/56.Y
SCOTTPERCY FREEMOND STANLEYP F S3828/02/1919GunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryC. 19/36.Y
SHIELDSJOHN WILLIAMJ W 07/11/1917PrivateColdstream GuardsC. 14/42.Y
SHORTDIAMOND VICTORD V1926/11/1917PrivateNorthumberland FusiliersC. 10/53.Y
WARD A P 02/12/1918PrivateRoyal Army Service CorpsC. 18/54.Y